Here could be a little bit of introductory text all about this project Irma in Palm Beach, Florida..


Throughout the history of the world, the edible mussel (mytilus edulis) has been of huge importance to mankind. Often used as an emergency food in times of difficulty. This is a food that crosses the class food boundaries. “A food delightful to the taste of lords and cheap enough for  poor folk’s tables” poet Ausonius,…


The “Mercury Sea” located in the main entrance at the 41° North marina hotel is brought alive by the constantly changing light reflecting on the silver shells. The impression of looking into a swirling sea is increased by the different depth of the wall.


I was asked to shell this room  “ As left by nature, when the tide has gone out”. The clients requested that the barnacles etc were left on the shells. There are three different types of mussel shell used.  All the shells were reclaimed.


Amidst an action packed building site this delicate shelled water wall was created. Hidden at the top of the shelled wall are seven water supply nozzles. Above the large basin there will be a smaller ‘feeder’ bronze basin. The water was not introduced until the very last day of work. The result was fantastic. Suddenly…

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